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Workshops are offered in a group setting with online video calls conducted via Zoom. 


Image by Dan Farrell

Tarot and Oracle Reading

25 September 2021 15:00 · Central European Time

During this workshop you will learn how you can use tarot or oracle card decks to do accurate readings for yourself on your twin flame journey. You will also learn how you can identify blocks and challenges, and connect with your inner guidance and guides.

Please note: readings will not be offered to those in attendance. The purpose is to teach you how to do this for yourself.

Sessions are hosted on Zoom - 60 minutes and cost $22 per session. Limited to 20 seats. Use this link to find your local time.

'I took part in Carina's Tarot Reading Workshop. As ever her guidance was gentle, thoughtful and personal and she encouraged the active participation of all present. Having had no experience at all with using tarot or oracle cards I now feel empowered to confidently use both to aid me on my journey through life. I can thoroughly recommend this workshop.'
- Sam, Ireland.

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