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I am so grateful to work with you Carina. Your guidance has made a huge difference in my life.



Like many, I was catapulted onto my spiritual awakening journey after years of entanglement with (who turned out to be) my Twin Flame.  With time, I deteriorated from a carefree spirit to someone who felt broken and lost. I sought out different venues in desperation to keep afloat - from self-help books to tarot card readings - which only provided temporary relief, until I met Carina. I’ve been working with Carina for more than two years now. She has proven to be kind, empathetic, intelligent, attentive, and wise beyond her age.  She never imposes her own beliefs onto you but asks the right questions for you to arrive at your own conclusions - with introspection and alternate perspectives. If you’re seeking guidance, not only for your spiritual endeavors, but also to gain practical advice one can integrate into daily life, then she is your person. I, for one, am extremely grateful to have crossed paths with her (thank you Universe) and would continue to work with her in the years to come.

Kat P. Detroit MI, USA

September 7, 2020, my life changed and I ended up on a path I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams.   I’m married with two children.  I wouldn’t call my marriage a romance novel, but I was content enough and I love being married.  We have a happy home. My kids are happy and my husband and I are giving them a good life.  The evening before this date (9/6/20) we had a party and a gentleman I dated 18 years earlier came with his family because we now live in the same town.  I woke up September 7th completely in love with this married man I once dated.


What does that mean, “completely in love”, right?  In a quick description, I could not stop thinking about him.  I mean all day, first thing in the morning, last thing before bed, any lull during the day and dream of him when I sleep.  I am raised Irish Catholic and I often found myself begging God to make it stop. Since we are family friends now, I have to go into his home during get-togethers with his wife and children.  Our daughters are in the same class and on the same sports teams.  The feelings I have range from guilt and horror to total anguish because my love for him keeps getting stronger. 


What brought me to Carina?  It was the energy.  From September 7th on I have this insane energy flowing through my body.  It’s mostly contained in my chest, but sometimes I can feel it running up and down my legs and spine.  I started googling about energy/infatuation/love and I came across “twin flames”.  It resonated so much with my situation.  Then I found Carina’s guided meditations and they helped me calm this crazy energy and get some peace and sleep.  It was like she knew exactly what I needed to hear.  I was so moved by her voice and words.  Then things started getting really bleak and I felt helpless with this situation.  I decided to sign up for one session with Carina.  Please keep in mind I do not join social media and I did not trust people on the Internet.  I felt desperate and Carina’s disposition and the way she spoke felt right.  So, I tried it.


Carina and I meet on Zoom for one hour a week every week since March.  It is now July.  The first thing Carina did was assure me I wasn’t going crazy.  She helped me recognize these feelings are real and it was okay to stop judging myself so harshly.  Carina and I work on helping me find my own self love.  Any block or obstacle I come across, I give it my own love.  Carina speaks of this in her guided meditations, but during our sessions, she showed me how to do it.  I am now getting very good at it and I can clear these blocks fairly easily.  If I find myself taking offense to something someone says, I look within and find why it upset me instead of giving my power away to the other person.  I can actually feel my heart opening up.  It’s causing me to love this man even more, as well, but now I can refocus my energy to working on myself.  I only know two things right now: Carina is a gift to me from God and I know I am on the road that is leading me to true love.  I can’t explain how I know these two things except I can feel it in my heart.

Anonymous & Married

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