I had a very healing session with the lovely Carina. In the session, we worked on our blocks to not feeling deserving of nice things and being supported. Carina reminded me that sometimes God has bigger and better plans for us. I do deserve to be supported and loved. Everyone deserves to be loved and supported, but it is up to us to choose to receive our support and surrender to God’s will. I choose to surrender to God’s plan now and forever. Every time I do this, I see results almost immediately. We only experience upsets and challenges when we try to control how our good comes to us. Thank you, Carina for showing me the way home.

- Keely Griffin, Twin Flames Universe Coach

Carina is a twin flame coach and a spiritual healer with a lot of love and compassion in her heart. She was able to hold a very comforting and supportive space for some deep issues, which requires a lot of acceptance. Her inner peace and her deep connection with the Divine are true beacons of light. I absolutely recommend her work.

- Silvia Takacs, Twin Flames Universe Coach/Angel Intuitive

I had my first ever session with Carina yesterday. She was so perfectly loving. She helped me begin to learn how to go deeper and root out core blocks while identifying a couple for me and encouraging me with just the right amount of love... I began our session feeling very stuck and ended it knowing how to move forward and within 12 hours was able to identify and root out a major core block and then was blessed even more to be able to celebrate my success with Carina this morning. I love so much how genuinely she cares and supports me on my way in to my union.

- AB

My coaching session with Carina was truly defining. I was stuck with a very strong false pattern and how she helped me walk through to identify it and then guided me into deep inner healing and reach my peace there, was so resulting, that next morning my twin contacted me after several weeks no contact and asked me to see each other, so eventually we spent a perfect afternoon together. I'm 100% sure that my session with Carina the previous evening was the key. She has so much insight, and it's so easy to follow her how she lovingly and peacefully guides you into your healing! I can't wait for my next session with her!

- Glória, Twin Flames Universe Coach

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I do not do Twin Flame confirmations, in readings or sessions. This is because you must take the inner journey of your Twin Flame revelation for yourself. I will absolutely guide you along this path, but only you can walk it.

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