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I am a spiritual guide with over two years' experience guiding clients. I previously used the word "coaching", but now refer to the time we spend together as guidance sessions.


Please note: I do not do twin flame confirmations. This is because you must take the inner journey of your twin flame revelation for yourself.  



There might be certain situations you face in life, or on your twin flame or spiritual journey, certain challenges or obstacles you are facing and would like to overcome, but you feel unable to navigate the situations on your own, or struggle to do so.


The guidance sessions are designed to support you, to teach you methods and tools to be able to learn how you can help yourself live your best life. In sessions, you will be guided to listen to your own inner voice, to learn to trust yourself and your intuition, be shown how to process your feelings and emotions, how to heal from your past or current experiences, and how you can practically and logically approach life's challenges.

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