The Dream Reading is a divinely channeled dream interpretation for any dream you have had where you would like guidance on the deeper meaning and messages for healing. Dreams are very healing, and you can receive important messages and guidance from your dreams.

Please note: once you have completed the purchase of this reading, please complete the contact form (found on the Home page) with details of the dream you would like to receive the reading for.

The reading will be delivered as a written PDF document to your email address. Please be sure to provide the correct one when ordering.

Limited time offer!

15 USD

* Please allow 3-5 days for the reading to be sent. Include an email address or contact information when ordering.

The Twin Flame Angel Reading is a 5 card oracle card reading delivered as a video, with channeled messages pertaining to the cards that are drawn. There are Twin Flame Angels guiding you on your journey to permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and this reading helps you align with the messages they are sending, allowing you to connect with Divine assistance.

Limited time offer!

22 USD

* Please allow 5-8 days for the reading to be sent. Include an email address or contact information when ordering.


"I highly recommend Carina’s newest Twin Flame Angel reading! The video format is so easy to digest and it’s so beautiful being able to see the love she pours in to her Life Purpose. This reading was so perfect and helpful in taking me deeper with my healing I was laughing and crying whilst watching it the whole time. 10/10 recommend!" - Anna B.

"Wow I definitely recommend Carina Melissa Viljoen’s newest Twin Flame Angel reading😍🙏

I love her flow and authenticity from beginning to end! Her reading was very direct and clear and it really helped me get clarity on some things that I was feeling and working through in my healing! It's the kind of reading that you can continue to go back too and go deeper with! Thank you thank you thank you Carina!" - Kanisha C.

All sales are final. No refunds will be issued. Once a booking is confirmed, you have within 24 hours of the scheduled session to reschedule. If you are more than 10 minutes late to a scheduled session without any notification, your session is forfeit.

I do not do Twin Flame confirmations, in readings or sessions. This is because you must take the inner journey of your Twin Flame revelation for yourself. I will absolutely guide you along this path, but only you can walk it.

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