Romance Reading

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Deck: Whispers of Love by Angela Hartfield

You are being invited to commit more deeply to your Life Purpose, to giving the gift of  you. As you share generously of yourself, you are blessed and receive your love in return multiplied. This is how the Divine romances you in your life.

Where is God asking you to expand?

1. Express Love Through Gifts

When you choose to see the way the Divine does, you will become aware that Love is in everything and everyone. How you treat God anywhere is how you treat Him everywhere.

Make a choice now to surrender all illusions and trust your Divine sight.

2. Love Is All Around You

Love never fails, and therefore it is safe to commit all of yourself completely to love now. Choose your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and know that it is inevitable as you keep choosing love.

This love is absolutely for you; claim it peacefully in your heart.

3. True Love

Whatever the challenging situation you are faced with right now, only love is real. As you make the choice to surrender completely and let go of attachment to results, you allow God to move powerfully in your life. This is when miracles become normal.

Where are you being invited to surrender deeper?

4. The Only Thing that is Real is Love

It's time now to release any old hurts and resentments to make way for the love you are calling in. Choose to forgive and offer the gift of peace to yourself and others. Forgiveness acknowledges the Truth that no wrong was done, for you are perfect and blameless as a Divine child of God.

5. Forgiveness

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I do not do Twin Flame confirmations, in readings or sessions. This is because you must take the inner journey of your Twin Flame revelation for yourself. I will absolutely guide you along this path, but only you can walk it.

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