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When you discover you're on a twin flame journey

What do you do next?

For many, coming into the information or knowing of twin flames can be at once enlightening, relieving, confusing, overwhelming, frightening, empowering or frustrating. It can often feel like you arrived at the information a little too late, or that there is just too much contradictory information to really make sense of it all.

My take on it is this: I feel we receive what we require when we need it, and when we are open to it. Meaning, you come into the information at the right time. It's also not just about having information: it's what you do with it. Not all information is necessarily helpful or reliable, either. So how do you navigate this potential minefield?

Please note: this is written from my own personal perspective and is not necessarily the only way to approach the twin flame path. Ultimately, you must come to your own inner knowing and truth as each journey is unique.

Relax about it

Firstly, relax about it. I know that in the midst of chaotic emotions and a cacophony of inner voices, being told to relax is incredibly frustrating. But, do your best to find calm within yourself. You are not crazy for finding this path. The way forward through the current situation you are facing is by doing so in peace. You really don't have to make things happen on your journey for you to move forward. But you can choose to move forward.

Being on your twin flame journey is also not an escape from every day life. Yes, you might be waking up to a whole new world, or starting to see yourself and your life in a new way, but the intention is not to use your twin flame or the journey as a means to run away from the life unfolding before you. It is here to help you to learn to grow through the challenges, to learn to live a life of love and of meaning, and to engage with and connect very deeply with life itself.

Seek support

You don't have to do this alone, and very often, trying to walk the twin flame path solo can seem confusing or appear to go around in circles. At the same time, there is an aspect of this journey that is solely yours to take. It is ok to acknowledge when you need support, though it can never be a substitute for you discovering and coming into the truth for yourself. It is also ok to be skeptical about the advice you might be receiving, but continuing to be suspicious or cynical is going to make the journey a whole lot more challenging. The way that I have found works best is by creating balance: learning to rely on yourself, while simultaneously building and seeking out mutually supportive and beneficial relationships.

If you would like support, you may want to consider working with me.

Embrace the journey

What do I mean when I say "embrace the journey"? The twin flame journey is about taking a journey of unconditional love, of discovering your true nature and embodying that authentic Self. It is not a journey about getting a person, making them come back, fretting about whether they will leave again. Yes, you might be faced with some uncomfortable parts of yourself, or feel like giving up at times. These are all parts of ourselves that must be faced, places where we are holding onto fear or playing out patterns in relationships that do not serve us, and we can heal from that and move forward. Doing so helps us move toward our reunion as every piece that is healed is a gift that we bring to our twin flame union. And, your journey does not stop when you reunite with your twin flame.

Embracing the journey means learning how to use every situation, every challenge, every apparent obstacle as an opportunity for learning and for growth, a chance to love yourself and your twin flame more deeply. It means not shying away from the discomfort of growth, but showing up authentically in every situation and facing every emotion. It also means choosing your twin flame union, and deciding that it is worthy of pursuit.

Focus on yourself

Much of the time, placing the focus on your twin flame, on what they are doing or not doing, saying or not saying, will only leave you feeling flustered and frustrated. It doesn't mean ignore them or push them away, but learning to prioritise yourself, your own healing and relationship with loving yourself will create balance in your experience and twin flame union. Focusing on yourself means that you will learn how to self regulate and be able to build and grow your inner resilience, something that will serve you well in your twin flame union.

Building a loving relationship with yourself is a lifelong pursuit, and not something that happens overnight. Be patient with yourself as you do this, as you learn what it means to truly love yourself, understanding that every day is going to look different. Having patience in this aspect will serve you greatly in your journey, and in your twin flame union.

Discover your purpose

For some, pursuing their purpose when they come to the twin flame path might seem like too much on an already-overflowing plate. For others, following the path of discovering your purpose and mission is beneficial to reuniting with your twin flame - for a few reasons.

One, I believe you and your twin flame have a shared mission and so it aligns you with your twin flame in this aspect of your union. Two, you pursuing your purpose engages you with life and allows you to channel the energy of your union in a meaningful way. That does not mean use your purpose as an excuse or distraction away from your twin flame, though! And finally, it helps you also to heal a great deal in terms of discovering your true self and that in turn is also incredibly attractive to your twin flame.

In conclusion

Whether you are currently in separation from your twin flame, or not, the twin flame journey is a blessing and a privilege. Yes, it can come with some immense challenges, but the universe is supporting you at every step, and also working in your favour to reunite you with your twin flame. Have faith, and keep going.

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