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What is the twin flame journey about?

There are many important aspects to this journey, but what is it actually about?

This blog post was inspired by a TikTok video by Keisha, where this beautiful and powerful channeller talks about how the twin flame journey is about union, and why she feels this is. She has some other really inspirational content, so be sure to check out her page.

Yes, certainly, the twin flame journey can be about other things too (and it is!), like self love and self mastery. But it is about union, and to deny that, is not only to miss a significant and sacred part of the journey, but is also disingenuous and inauthentic. For it is a great love, a love to be shared and celebrated with your counterpart.

Everything you go through on the journey, all the lessons, all the experiences, they all add up and mean something. In your union, all the love you have cultivated through learning these lessons is amplified, expanded, intensified, and reflected back to your by your twin soul.

The channeller goes on to say that one of the reasons that the journey is also about coming into physical union with your twin flame is your shared mission, and the importance of anchoring the energy of unconditional love here. It is important to see this, because I think some consider the twin flame journey to be over once their union manifests, but this is not the case. And this is also why twin flame union is so important.

It’s the relationship that will lead us back to ourselves, and while perhaps the methods are sometimes challenging, it’s also one that is invaluable because no one can do for us what our twin flame can. It’s the journey to not just extend unconditional love for our partner but also for ourselves and those around us; it’s to truly feel not just the emotion of love, but to become the vibration.

- Kate Rose, You Only Fall in Love Three Times

It’s not the only anchor of unconditional love, in my opinion, but it is a powerful and sacred one. I think this shared mission is an essential aspect, and important to remember, though it can also be something I see people get tripped up on, trying to “figure out” what their mission is. Your mission is a natural expression of your soul essence, and therefore, also your union. Remember, just like a seed contains everything within it that it needs to grow into a tree, given the right environment and conditions it will thrive, you too have everything within you to grow into everything you are designed to be. No one has to tell the seed what to do; rather, nature takes its course. And know, it does not need to make sense to anyone else - though, for those seeing with the eyes of love, and in tune with the energy of unconditional love, they will recognise that which you are anchoring. It does not mean they will support or endorse it, but on some level I believe we all recognise unconditional love, and so do, on a soul level know its power.

Additionally, and this is not something the channeller talked about, but is an extension - in my opinion - of the point about the mission of twin flames in union, and that is that their love and their anchoring is powerful at breaking 'spells'. Now, with ‘spells’ I mean the illusions we are under, where we give our power away, so any form of limitation in a spiritual sense is a 'spell'. Anywhere we think “this isn’t possible” even though we feel the truth of its possibility, its inevitability, in our soul. This is a reference to the spiritual author Caroline Myss who talks about these 'spells', and the spells we are under. And when we break these 'spells', we are liberated. And the journey to coming into twin flame union includes breaking these 'spells' that you might be under, and there could be many.

How will you know that you are in the process of breaking out from under the influence of these ‘spells’? You will feel lighter on your journey, will be able to understand things more deeply and with greater clarity, on many levels. Your compassion for others and humanity as a whole will increase, as well as wanting to ease the suffering of others who might be under these same ‘spells’. You will know with greater certainty that, even if under the influence of such ‘spells’, it is just temporary, for you learn how to break free and grow in your power to do so. You are less likely to blame others, or to project onto them, and more likely to take responsibility. These are just a few ways.

The channeller also reminds the divine feminines about how you get to choose union. In my experience, everyone on this path is called to it - if you had asked me some years ago, before I found this path, if I would choose this, I would have emphatically said no, that it would be ridiculous. And any time I’ve tried to leave this journey behind, somehow I find myself called to it again. So, yes the journey calls to you, AND you choose union. And once you choose it, it is essential to have faith and to hold the vision. Yes, let go of the outcome, surrender the “how” or the “when” of it, but hold the vision. The vision isn’t so much, in any case, about what it is “supposed” to look like; vision here is more a soul visioning, a resonance and recognition of that energy of unconditional love and seeing it manifest. Even in the Bible, Jesus says, “Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed.” (KJV, John 20:29)

If you would like personal support on your twin flame or healing journey, you might consider working with me.

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