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❄ Twin Flame Festive Reading ❄

Feel into your heart, and select an image or letter below. Find the corresponding reading for each image and letter combination below:

Please note, this is a general reading for the Twin Flame collective, so do only take what resonates for you. If you would like your own personalised reading for your Twin Flame journey, you can order one here.

Deck used: Lovers Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno

A. Christmas Tree

Your Twin Flame is inviting you to see the open door to deepening the love and intimacy in your relationship. It doesn't mean force anything to happen, but rather to relax and allow yourself to see where love is inviting you. It is safe to respond to your Twin Flame's bids for love, and to choose to love them unconditionally - without expecting anything in return.

This festive season is an opportunity to be reminded of the love you feel for your Twin Flame, and to see that the love is more than enough. Let go of any resentment may be still be holding onto to allow yourself to feel close to your Beloved. Anywhere you feel they may be pushing your love away is just showing you your own resistance to love within.

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B. Reindeer

You are being invited to let go of the past upsets and hurts you may have experienced in your Twin Flame journey, to see that your faith has revealed a new way forward for you. Love is here to guide you in the next steps of your journey toward your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. It means being willing to dream again, to allow yourself to imagine what it feels like to have your wish fulfilled, to trust the process, and the path again. Choose to take the next step in the path being shown to you.

Even if things didn't go the way you'd hoped or expected before, a festive miracle is in store for you. Claim it, it is yours! Love is giving you new wings to fly. It's safe to believe in Love.

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C. Snowflake

Your Twin Flame is reminding you that the experience of separation is temporary; that the love you share is more powerful than any fear or obstacle you may be facing. Nothing can prevent or stop love, for it never fails. You are meant to be united with your Twin Flame, designed to spend and share your lives together, living as one. This is your natural state of being, and the Divine supports you in manifesting your Harmonious Union.

That doesn't mean you have to sit and wait for your Twin Flame, or that you must be impatient for you to come together. Choose to go on the inner spiritual journey to find love within, to heal through the blocks to love, so that you can peacefully manifest your Twin Flame in your reality. You have the power to do so, and nothing can stand in your way.

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D. Sleigh

If you've been experiencing a lot of doubt in your Twin Flame journey, this comes as reassurance to you that it is safe to follow the path, and to trust the process. The truth is always revealed, and will only ever bring you peace and relief. Your Twin Flame is encouraging you to trust yourself, and what your intuition is guiding you to; remember that when you truly know something with your whole heart, you can relax into the confidence of knowing it, and you do not need to convince anyone or to get validation from another - not even your Twin Flame.

The answer to every question is always to choose love. Love will always lead you to your next step, and to your Twin Flame. Trust yourself, trust your Twin Flame, and trust love. You can't mess up your Twin Flame Union, and you can never lose love.

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