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Tower moments in your twin flame journey

Have you ever heard the phrase "tower moment" when on a spiritual or twin flame journey, and wondered what it means? This blog post is aimed at sharing wisdom and insight from my own twin flame journey and perspective about the purpose of these moments, and what can be learned from them. Please note this is my own personal perspective, and I encourage you to use your own discernment and to trust your intuition when applying any guidance.


Rider Waite Tower Card
Rider Waite Tower Card

The term "tower moment" comes from The Tower card in the traditional tarot deck. It is a Major Arcana card. This card typically has the following meanings, although it is suggested you use your discernment when applying these meanings.

UPRIGHT: Sudden change, upheaval, chaos, revelation, awakening

REVERSED: Personal transformation, fear of change, averting disaster

When applied to the twin flame journey

Usually in the twin flame journey, the tower moment signifies a time of intense upheaval and change, or even times of chaos, as suggested by the interpretation of the card, both upright and reversed. What distinguishes an upright and reversed tower card is where the intense upheaval or change is taking place: in the case of the upright card, it is usually due to external changes in circumstances, while the reversed indicates more of an inner transformation.

A tower moment can be incredibly disruptive to your life and routines, and sometimes it can feel as though it is threatening the bedrock of your union. It really is a turning point on your journey, where a sudden shift occurs to support a deeper revelation, like a veil being lifted. Depending on your level of awareness and the depth of your own inner foundation and resilience, these tower moments can still be weathered with grace, and do not necessarily imply pain and turmoil, although they are often associated with that. If you do experience them as such, don't be too hard on yourself; they are called tower moments for a reason. It takes some practice to develop trust in yourself, the process and the journey. When I first started experiencing tower moments, I was terrified and overwhelmed by it, but with time I learned not to resist what was being released and it eased up the process immensely.

Personally, I find a "tower moment" and a "dark night of the soul" are linked, or used interchangeably when applied to the spiritual or twin flame journey. Always remember that even the worst storms do pass, and even if, in the midst of the storm you don't quite see what is happening or leaving, you can ask for that clarity to be revealed to you.

Does my twin flame also go through tower moments?

Everyone's journey is unique, but I find that generally speaking, yes, your twin flame will also experience their own tower moments. These might not necessarily happen at the same chronological time as yours although they might, and they may not even refer to them by the same name.

Sometimes your twin flame will be offering that support in your union as you go through the tower moment. It is not wrong to lean on them if they are offering that to you, and for you to offer it to them if they require it and you have the capacity to offer it to them. This is also how you partner in your union. It can be that one of you does the heavy lifting with the spiritual work, while the other takes care of the physical work. It can be fun discovering the correct balance for your union.

What to do during a tower moment

My general advice during such moments is: don't do much. It is more a time of being, of processing, of releasing. If you imagine a caterpillar in a cocoon during its massive transformation, it's not doing much from outward appearances, even though much change is taking place.

Don't try to make any drastic life decisions during this time, or try to take on more inner work. Definitely don't try and start an argument with anyone, especially not your twin flame. Rather, work to create a supportive space for yourself, a sanctuary where you can be as you are. Reach out for help if you need it, and do your best to focus on the energy of peace.

In conclusion

My suggestion during these times is not to focus on what is upheaving or leaving your present reality, as difficult as that may be, but to recognise these times of deep transformation as bringing in the next level in your life. It is a form of a spiritual upgrade, and with that upgrade comes many gifts. If you would like to learn more about how you can find balance during these times of upheaval, you may like to read this post for tips.

If you would like personal support on your Twin Flame journey, you might consider working with me.

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