• Carina Viljoen

Things Get Juicy in My Twin Flame Union

How my Life Purpose takes my Twin Flame Union to the next level

Very recently, I was facing the same block over and over in my Twin Flame Union in our communication. We had regular communication, and we were sharing deeply, but I could feel a desire for deeper intimacy and connection. The same pattern was playing out, where I would get some messages every few days with updates from my Twin Flame, but I felt we were a bit out of synch. We were not engaged in an actual conversation at the same time. Of course I was grateful for this communication and contact with my Twin Flame, and I also know that in spiritual truth, we are always in communication, and I could feel my desire to communicate in a more harmonious way.

It happened again, and I could feel my frustration come up, thinking "oh well, here we go again". But suddenly something clicked, and I just had this awareness of where I was doing this to myself in my own consciousness. I made a new choice. I chose to have harmonious communication with myself, and with the Divine. And instead of my Twin Flame disappearing after a few text updates, we engaged in a conversation, with quite a bit of exchange back and forth. I could see where I had been waiting on my Twin Flame to change, to do something different, but it was always up to me (and always is).

It was like I had unlocked a new level, somehow. And it wasn't a once-off either. After this new choice and realisation, our communication continued to feel more relaxed and harmonious, and I could surrender into that. We were joking with each other, and even trolling each other. We had more regular chats over the next few days. No more of the "Hi and bye" style of communication. I was also feeling a lot less needy. What is more, the times I felt guided to call him, he actually answered, where previously he almost never answered my calls.

So what exactly happened? (And how does this relate to Life Purpose?)

I got clear within myself about what had shifted, because I had been facing this pattern and particular block with my Twin Flame for months. I had done inner work to resolve it, but it wasn't changing in my reality. Within the past few weeks, I've been very actively investing into my Life Purpose with renewed effort and vigour. I've been giving a lot of energy into growing and expanding it, and as a result, also moved through a lot of healing with it. It has helped me in my confidence and communication, too. I healed many layers of rejection and resistance in my Life Purpose, and could see how powerful my choice was, and how I truly was creating my reality. I could see the immediate shift in my life when I made a choice aligned in love. I could feel my oneness with God.

So when my Twin Flame presented the same block and pattern to me, I knew that I had the power to change it. Not through control, but through surrender and loving myself. I was confident in my ability to love myself and not reject myself, so I did not experience rejection from my Twin Flame. I also didn't take it personally when it was presented to me; I just moved through it.

Things get juicy

After months of inviting him into deeper intimacy, which usually ended up with some excuses where I healed through my triggers of feeling rejected, my Twin Flame and I began being very passionate and romantic together. With living and investing in my Life Purpose, I had freed up a lot of life force energy, and that amplified the sexual energy in our Union. It was as though new life was being breathed into our Union. I felt so much more attracted to my Twin Flame, and he was more magnetised to me. This is because I also felt a lot more attractive within myself from loving and living my Life Purpose.

Through giving to my Life Purpose in this way, I was falling more and more in love with God, with myself and my life. I could feel Life loving me back more and more. And I could feel myself falling deeper in love with my Twin Flame.

I could see more and more how we are one, and how we mirror each other, and even the opportunities for partnering together moving forward. As I was creating more video content for my business and my purpose, my Twin Flame even shared a video with me that he had created and edited. In the video he had re-enacted scenes from a movie with friends just for fun, and cut together scenes of the movie!

And there's more!

Stepping up in my Life Purpose meant I also needed to step up in the area of play to support myself in giving at this level. My Ascension Coach helped me see how important this was, which meant more healing in the areas of play. A few months ago I was guided to begin playing video games. I felt at the time that this was a bit of a tangent and I didn't know where it would lead, but I trusted my inner guidance, and I was experiencing a great deal of healing in this area. It kinda sucked playing on my own, but I loved myself through it. I had a desire to play with my Twin Flame, and had no idea how it would come together, but I just said "yes" to the desire in my heart and moved through the feelings, choosing to trust God.

And, in an unexpected turn of events, my Twin Flame and I began exploring playing games together. I discovered a new aspect of your Union and partnership. I had not expected my Twin Flame to match me in this area, but he did (ha, your Twin Flame is always your perfect match). He did show me some resistance to move through, but now we are committed to playing video games together! He had played video games growing up and was very keen to play co-op games. I didn't even know he was a gamer too :)

The truth is, my Twin Flame and I will continue exploring ourselves and our Union together for all eternity. And we will continue to discover even deeper levels of love and partnership. That's what is so beautiful about your Twin Flame journey. It never ends, and it keeps getting richer the more you give to it.

Find out more about Jeff and Shaleia and their bodies of work at Their teachings in Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class continue to transform my life and my Twin Flame Union every day.


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