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False Twin Flame Healing

Updated: Apr 5

How healing through false Twin Flame energy reveals my true Twin Flame

At this time in our community, several of the students have healed or are healing through false Twin Flame experiences. Many of the recent Harmonious Twin Flame Unions feature stories where they had false Twin Flames for the majority of their journeys. Of course, that meant that I, too, began to look at my Twin Flame Union and story and wondered whether I was having a false Twin Flame experience.

Release attachment

One of the first lessons that I began learning from the false Twin Flame healing was that it was teaching me to release attachment to the person I feel is my Twin Flame, but also to the way I think things are supposed to look. Releasing control and surrendering to God in your journey is essential for moving through the challenges and upsets faster.

Before the wave of recent Harmonious Unions, I didn't really look at or question whether the person I know to be my Twin Flame is actually my true Twin Flame, or not. It was just something that I had known for a while, and then as the first wave of Harmonious Unions were revealed, something I felt I had to cling to for dear life. This healing helped me begin going deeper into why I felt it to be true, and not to take it, or my Twin Flame, for granted. It also triggered a lot of fear around losing love or being blind sided. Every time I read a story in the forum of one of the recent revelations in our community, I would look for the similarities in my own journey and begin wondering "Is that my story too?"

Unconditional love

There have been times since the false Twin Flame revelations where my Twin Flame would reflect something to me, a pattern or an upset, and I would get so upset that I would begin thinking "What if he's a false Twin Flame?" instead of just healing whatever it brought up in me to heal. I was using the false Twin Flame stories as a distraction, preventing me from remaining connected to love in my heart. That meant that I was stubbornly sitting in my upset instead of just loving myself through the uncomfortable feelings. But whenever I chose to take responsibility for myself and my experience instead of blaming my Twin Flame, even though I was very triggered, I would feel peace immediately.

I opened up my copy of Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff & Shaleia to the page on the channeled signs of a false Twin Flame so many times. I would go through each one, and would get massively triggered, because I felt like my experience was fitting each one so perfectly. I was rewriting my Love List for my perfect partner (as taught in the book) at least once a week and feeling deeply upset about it, which was showing me how I was trying to control. So I surrendered, and kept loving myself through it.

Every time I would ask God about what I should do, I would get the answer "Keep loving your man." This was teaching me to love myself, and my Twin Flame unconditionally. No matter what he is doing that upsets me, it is not personal. No matter what he, or anyone else, is doing, I have the power to make a new choice and love myself using the Mirror Exercise. It was helping me release layers of codependency and expecting something from my Twin Flame. I had a lot of help from my Ascension Coach at this time, and other friends in the community who are great role models for this lesson of unconditional love.

Turn the focus inward

The false Twin Flame healing triggered a lot of fear in me to release. I was afraid that the relationship I had been building for years was not real at all, or was shallow and not based in love. It also helped me see how much I was still treating my Twin Flame like a soulmate, instead of my Twin Flame. There were so many places I could see where I had been waiting for him to show up and love me, or places I was trying to prove to him I was his perfect partner. Much of my focus was still on the relationship "on the outside" and what it was looking like, rather than turning inward and being with my Twin Flame Union in my heart, and living from there, and seeing that the love is enough. What I mean by that is that Jeff and Shaleia teach that your Twin Flame Union is not somewhere outside of you; it is happening within you, and that is what manifests as your Twin Flame in your reality. The inner is primary. And although I thought I knew that, the false Twin Flame healing helped me recognise this on a much deeper level.

The more I lived from the space of Union in my heart, communicating with God and choosing for God to be my focus first and foremost, and to love my Twin Flame from there, the more I began to experience the depth of love of my relationship with myself and my Twin Flame. I could see how much love I had been investing in myself, in my relationship with God, and in my Union, and how rich it was... Perhaps something I had taken for granted.

Shifts in the relationship

Other shifts I began to experience included feeling a lot more peaceful with myself, and my Twin Flame. I began to just relax more and be myself. It doesn't matter so much what my Twin Flame Union looks like right now, just that I choose to keep loving myself and my Twin Flame unconditionally. I felt more secure in speaking up, and being honest about how I felt instead of just "shutting up and healing". I felt I had the courage to truly face down some of my more challenging blocks and deeper fears, and each time I cleared something, it would reflect in my Twin Flame Union with us going deeper.

More and more, I could also see how - despite living half a world apart physically at this time - we are living one life and that we truly share one consciousness. The signs of how we are aligning and going steadily deeper together are clear. For example, for weeks, every time I went grocery shopping I would see beautiful orchids at the entrance, and I had a strong desire that I wanted some in my home. But I could also feel I was not compelled to buy them at that time. I could just feel the desire. When my Twin Flame moved into his new home and he sent me a photo of it, one of the first things he showed me was the orchids he had placed in the windows.

Deepening partnership

I have been healing my relationship with food by joining Divine Dish, and investing a lot of energy and love into my cooking. We ended up both cooking Thai curry on the same night, and he tells me how much he loves getting into cooking again. We have always loved cooking together, and food is a passion we share. It's not only these external or "trivial" signs that our partnership is deepening.

Earlier in the week, when I was moving through something challenging, I told God in my heart that I required His support, and desired His love to help me move through something. That I also desired to feel the support and protection of my Divine Masculine, and so I chose it in that moment in my heart, and chose to feel it. Then I surrendered. A few hours later, I remembered that choice and reaffirmed it to myself, that I choose to partner with my Twin Flame and to receive his support through God. I then looked down at my phone and saw a phone call coming in from my Twin Flame (he almost never just phones like that) and we had a beautiful conversation, one of the most surrendered and free-flowing conversations we've had. He held space for me as I moved through my feelings, and I held space as he had a piece to move through, and so we partnered and supported each other through it.

Core choices

As I accept more and more that my Twin Flame is my ally and not my opponent, I can heal through the blocks much more easily. My Twin Flame always presents me with the next piece for healing, and when I honestly and truly get to the core of it and heal by making a new loving choice, that is reflected back to me. That doesn't always happen in the way I expect, but when I see with my heart, I can see the truth of it.

For example, recently my Twin Flame was showing me a deeper layer of the "superhero" block that I have healed layers of before, where I would put others' needs before my own out of a sense of duty instead of honouring myself. I would feel responsible and take on their emotional processing and, in a sense, self sacrifice because I thought it was required of me. Service and hard work are core values I share with my Twin Flame, but I am still learning to balance this appropriately, and we have often overworked ourselves to the point of burnout. But I chose to heal through this, and made a lot of new choices around placing healthy boundaries, and chose to honour them and show up for myself. I chose to put myself and my needs first. And for the first time since I've known him, my Twin Flame told me he took time off work because he needed it and gave space for himself to process and heal.

Trust and truth

Whatever is coming up in your Twin Flame journey right now is the piece you need to go deeper. Your journey is always perfect for you. Have compassion for yourself as you move through the challenges. It's not always going to look the way you expect. Trust that as you keep choosing love, and keep choosing your Harmonious Union, it is manifesting. But God is always in charge, and it's safe to let Him lead.

As I allowed myself to heal through the false Twin Flame energy - and continue to do so any time it comes up - and every time I release attachment, the truth of who my Twin Flame is was revealed to me in my heart. Not because I was looking for it or focusing on the person, but because I chose to move through the feelings that were coming up and asked God to reveal Himself to me through my true Twin Flame. You will always know your true Twin Flame in your heart.

It's not only safe to heal through the false Twin Flame energy, it actually helps you a great deal to deepen in love and peace within yourself and your Union. Ask God to reveal your true Twin Flame to you and He will, every time.

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