Work with Carina as your guide. She is based in Europe, but her schedule caters to various timezones.





What you can expect

This session is available to first-time clients. You will have the opportunity to share your story and any challenges you might be facing on your journey to receive guidance and support.

This session will be used to decide whether we would want to begin working together in a longer-term capacity.

You may also ask any questions you might have about the journey, but please note that I do not offer Twin Flame confirmation.

44 Euro


Receiving support in your journey is so valuable, and allows you to progress on your path!

  • Individual sessions are conducted online in a video call.

  • Sessions are not recorded. 

  • Everything you share in a session is confidential and private.

  • Sessions are tailored to your individual needs which allows you to feel more supported and empowered as you set the pace of your journey.

  • The intention with the sessions is to allow you to find support in the areas of life where you feel you need it most.

  • You decide on the appointment schedule, and once scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email with details of your session.


Meditating on the Beach

What you can expect

Session packages include:

  • 4 or 8 x 60 minute individual sessions conducted on Zoom

  • Go at your own pace and decide how frequently you wish to have sessions

  • During the sessions you will receive support and guidance, as well as be provided with practical tools to navigate the challenges of your journey

  • Be introduced to a spiritual practice that you can use to do inner work or self inquiry

  • Receive "homework" (completely voluntary) to help keep you on track between sessions

  • Support between sessions through email or social media messenger (Facebook & Instagram)

  • Access to a weekly inspirational newsletter