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What if I can't afford the sessions?

Receiving support in this way is an investment, and it might not be one that is right for you. If you feel that it is and that you do require support, work on building a financial foundation so that you can work toward investing in yourself through one-on-one guidance sessions. You can make use of the resources I offer free of charge, such as guidance videos, and guided meditations.

How many sessions do I need?

That depends on you. You decide the pace and regularity of our sessions, and we will work together for as long as we both feel good doing so. If you feel you need regular support, you might find the session packages more affordable, as you pay less per session, and receive more hands-on support. You can start with single sessions, scheduling them when you like, and transition to session packages, or vice versa.

What can I expect from a guidance session?

Each session is unique. I work together with you, using my own intuition and what you share with me, to structure our sessions. Sometimes you might take the time to emotionally process and talk through your experiences, or we might do inner healing work; at other times we might problem solve and troubleshoot a particular situation or challenge you are facing. Sometimes our focus might be specifically on twin flames, at other times it might be other relationships, like family or friendship, or professional working relationships. We might also focus on career and life purpose.


As we continue to work together, and build greater trust with each other in our sessions, we will be able to work on deeper things. I also typically suggest an assignment, or some exercises for "homework" during each session that you might like to do after our session together to help you go deeper in your own time.

What if I have other conditions or mental health problems?

Please note that spiritual guidance is not a substitute for professional medical care or mental health support. Spiritual guidance can complement you in your healing if you are undergoing other treatment to provide a holistic approach, and offer deeper insight into the challenges you are working through.

How long do I have to schedule the sessions in a package?

Sessions purchased as part of a session package expire within one year of purchase. You can schedule them at your own pace or frequency until their expiry.

Have more questions?

Schedule a discovery call free of charge.

What do others say about working with me?

Read their testimonials.

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