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“Carina is a wonderful coach and helps me since the beginning when I found Jeff and Shaleia and Twin Flames Universe. She taught me how to do the Mirror Exercise and feeling my feelings, which was very challenging for me at that time. Having regular sessions with her helped me to go deeper on my journey and I took my power back to myself and manifested numerous miracles. I was living in poverty consciousness, living in a very tiny room in a shared house and unemployed. I manifested a nice place to live and the best job I ever had in the middle of the pandemic. On my Twin Flame journey this healing was extended too. I was suffering so much experiencing this pain of separation and I learnt how to go deeper on loving myself and taking my journey a lot easier. I don’t feel that heaviness anymore and things have been a lot easier and peaceful and every day I get closer and closer to my True Twin Flame within myself. I do recommend booking a session with her and claim your support on your journey!"

- Renato


"Carina is a highly valuable asset to your ascension journey. 

I began this journey not knowing my true twin flame and living in deep separation from my love. I have been coaching with Carina for over two years and she has guided me in healing through many blocks including a false twin flame.

She is so gentle and nurturing in her highly mastered manner of guiding her clients to deeper love and healing. I am eternally grateful for her love and dedication that has helped me come into union with my true twin flame. We now live together and experience deeper love and juiciness each day of our lives, and I’m so grateful to Carina for always helping to guide and compassionately encourage me to ground in to faith and take a step at a time. As Carina’s client you can trust that she is personally invested in bringing more love into your life- her highly supportive and steady approach is certain to assist you into living all of your dreams!"

- Anna

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