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Carina has been working as a guide for those on their twin flame or spiritual journey since November 2018.

She has experience with guiding clients who are on a twin flame journey, those exploring their mission or purpose, those who desire to learn more about self love and cultivating loving relationships, or those struggling to navigate life challenges, seeking to feel more empowered and to find clarity and direction. She has helped clients to reunite with their twin flames and find peace on their path.

Guidance sessions combine elements from spiritual and life coaching, meditation, healing, counselling and mentoring.



Carina is not affiliated with any organisation or institution, though she studies different spiritual practices, researches different fields, and will attend festivals, seminars and workshops offered by organisations from time to time. She has studied and learned techniques from meditation, tantra, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, and other methodologies.

Her main mission and drive is to help spiritual seekers who sincerely desire to receive support in their journey. Her aim is to support twin flames into their union, to live together peacefully, offering their gift of love to the world.

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