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"What you seek, is seeking you."




Find peace on your
twin flame or spiritual journey



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what is a twin flame journey? 

If you imagine that you have been walking down a road, the road of your life, your life's journey, you might even realise that the road you have left to walk to find your person is much, much shorter than the road you have to walk together. And your person is on the road to finding you as much as you are to finding them, you are walking down this road together, already, even before you meet. And one day, you will be met, right where you are, and be met with love.

This is your person, the person that you deserve. A person who loves you, stands by you, and protects you, nurtures you, builds with you, and teaches you. Someone who holds you, and holds space for you emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically. Someone who is deeply attracted to you, your heart, your mind, your soul. Someone who delights in you and your essence. 

Someone with a good heart, who wants to be your partner as much as have you as their partner. They are loyal, they are devoted, they are strong, they are healthy for you. You will not need to heal from them, but together you will experience great healing through the love that you share. 

Someone who challenges you to think differently, and to grow. Someone that supports your dreams, and inspires you. Someone who wants to see you win, and sets you up for success. Someone who matches your passion and energy, and helps keep your flame burning brightly. Someone who cares about you, cares about how you feel, and wants to protect your heart. Someone who doesn’t give up easily, someone who is eager to make the effort. 

Someone who has substance, and meaning to them, who has invested in meeting themselves deeply, because you have met yourself deeply. Someone who is ready, who is certain, who truly sees you. Someone who shows you that they know you are worthy, and deserving of great love. Someone that offers you peace of mind, peace of heart, and peace of spirit.


This person exists, because you exist. 

Nothing that is meant for you will ever get away. You can’t lose what is for you. And if someone is meant for you, and your roads diverge for a time, you will find your way back to each other. And one day you will understand that it never mattered how tightly you held onto the wrong person, because your person was always going to find you, and they were always looking for you, too. And when they find you, they will never let you go. 

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